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JustinRamsey07's gameplay for Madden NFL 09 (PS3)

JustinRamsey07 played Madden NFL 09

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JustinRamsey07 said...
  • excited
Finally got Madden 09. Messing with all the new features. So far I think it is the best madden yet, especially the new IQ and trying to even the playing field.
Madden NFL 09

Madden NFL 09 (PS3)

Genre/Style: Sports/Football (American)
Release Date: 12/AUG/08
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You seen to have a pretty wide interest in all types of games.
Myself, I play most types other then Racing, Fighting, and Sports games.

Though there have been some of those types I liked.
Mario Kart and the Super Smash Brother games for example.
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